Atreyapuram Putharekulu: A Dessert with authentic taste and rich history

Atreyapuram Putharekulu: A Dessert with authentic taste and rich history

Welcome to stories behind recipes of India featuring “Putharekulu”/“Papersweets”


Every dessert from India always have a sweet spot in our tummy, Let’s sit back and read the cool history behind the origin of some of the best and unique desserts in India. Starting off with ‘Putharekulu’ also termed as ‘Pootharekulu‘ - a mouthwatering dessert from Coastal Andhra‘s village named ‘Atreyapuram’.



  • The village ‘Atreyapuram‘ was named after Maharishi Atreya was ruled century back by many kings and rulers. It‘s still believed that Putharekulu were consumed by kings on several festival and happy occasions.

  • The yummy sweet Putharekulu/Pootharekulu(Paper Sweets) was derived from two words “Pootha” means “Coating” and ‘Rekulu’ means ’Sheets’.

  • Some of the village people refers this dessert as sweetness born out of an accident since it's believed that a woman years back made this accidentally by pouring off left over starch solution on top an inverted hot pot. But most of the villagers believe that this was first made by an unknown woman living in the village by mixing Sugar with the Paper sheets(Putharekulu) with home made Ghee.

Atreyapuram village
  • Later on, the Pootharekulu (Paper Sweets)sweet being unique and tasty in its own way was started consuming by the people in and across all the surrounding villages of Atreyapuram.

  • Every person who visit Coastal Andhra will surely stop by the village at least once to taste and buy Pootharekulu sweet(Paper Sweets).

  • ‘Atreypuram Poothrekulu‘ became one of the best dry-fruit sweets across the whole Telugu states. The dry-fruit mittai is often termed as the Annapurna of the village since, it provides a livelihood for around 400-600 families of Atreyapuram.

  • This authentic sweet with rich history made the villagers rich by providing ample amount of money generating options.


For people of different tastes


  • There are awesome variates of Atreyapuram Putharekulu - ranging from Jaggery dry-fruit Pootharekulu(Paper Sweets) also known as Bellam Putharekulu, Sugar-dry-fruit Putharekulu, Kaju Bellam Putharekulu, Sugar-dry-fruit Putharekulu, Sugar Kaju Putharekulu.

  • Even the villagers made some mirchi based Pootharekulu (Paper Sweets)for youth who loves some spicy foods. Suprisinglay there are other varieties like Horliks-Pootharekulu, Boost-Pootharekulu specially made for kids, to improve their health by mixing dry-fruit powders and home made ghee.

  • Atreyapuram Bellam Pootharekulu(Paper Sweets) is one of the best alternative sweets to a Diabetic patient since they are advised not to consume any sugar.


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