Prabhas' Love for Atreyapuram Pootharekulu: Gifts co-star with pootherkulu

Prabhas' Love for Atreyapuram Pootharekulu: Gifts co-star with pootherkulu

Prabhas is one of the most popular actors in the Indian film industry. He is also known for his love for sweets. In particular, actor Prabhas has a special fondness for Atreyapuram Pootharekulu, a famous sweet from the state of Andhra Pradesh.

Atreyapuram Pootharekulu is made from rice starch and jaggery, with a thin layer of ghee and is a very unique sweet. This delicacy has been enjoyed for generations in Andhra Pradesh, and is considered one of the state's most loving desserts.

In a recent incident, Bahubali star Prabhas showed his fondness for Atreyapuram Pootharekulu by gifting it to his co-star Bhagyashree, who played as his mother in his movie Radhe Shyam.Bhagyashree was touched by Prabhas's gesture and took to social media to thank him. 

While sharing it on Twitter, the actress wrote, “Another stack of the tasty Hyderabadi sweets. Pootharekulu.” She added, “Thank you Prabhas … you spoil me.”

Atreyapuram Pootahrekulu gifted by prabhas

This isn't the first time Prabhas has shown love for desserts. In fact, he is known to be quite interested about sweet recipes and often try them himself. It's not surprising that Atreyapuram Pootharekulu is one of his favourite desserts based on its unique taste and texture.

Interestingly, Atreyapuram Pootharekulu have also made an appearance in another Prabhas starrer hit Telugu movie 'Chatrapati', where it was featured in an item song. The song has become quite popular, and the word "Atreyapuram Pootharekulu" has become synonymous with the sweet.

In conclusion, Prabhas's fondness for Atreyapuram Pootharekulu is well-known among his family and movie lovers, his fans, and his recent gesture of gifting it to his co-star Bhagyashree shows just how much he loves the sweet. At some point of time if you get a chance to try Atreyapuram Pootharekulu, don't miss it - you might just fall in love with it too! 

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