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Sugar Dry-fruit Pootharekulu(Kaju Baadam Pista Paper-sweets)

Sugar Dry-fruit Pootharekulu(Kaju Baadam Pista Paper-sweets)

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Ingredients: Kaju, Pista, Badam, Sugar, rice starch, ghee

Life: 20-25 days (can be more when stored in the refrigerator)

Size: Large

Contains: Sugar Kaju Badam Pista Pootharekulu(pack of 10), Sugar Kaju Badam Pootahrekulu (Pack of 10) - Total Pack of 20 pieces

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  • Sugar

    Finely powdered sugar granules

  • Ghee(Neyyi)

    Made with pure homemade Ghee

  • Jaya Bhiyyam used for making Pootharekulu

    Rice Barn

    Putharekulu/Paper sheets are made with pure Jaya Rice batter

  • Nuts

    Made with rich grated and powdered cashews, Pistachio, Almonds

  • Lots of Love

    Made by the mothers of Atreyapuram with love and care.

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Authentic Atreyapuram Pootharekulu made from rich dry fruits, home made Ghee, papersheets made from Jaya rice. Every Putharekulu we make are authentic, homemade, healthy.

Shelf Life

Shelf life of the Putharekulu range from 20-30 days. Could be more if refridgerated.


Can be ordered Putharekulu online, or through whatsapp, Contacting us directly,

Extra discount applicable for bulk orders.


Bellam, Ghee, Jaggery or Sugar, Dry fruits, Papersheets or Puthareku made from Jaya Rice Batter, wait...some extra love,

How to eat Delicious Atreyapuram Poothareukulu ?

1. Gently remove the Pootharekulu sweet from its packaging and carefully peel off the covers

2. Take a bite of the crunchy outer layer to enjoy the sweetness of the Jaggery/Sugar filling inside.

3. Allow the Poothareku bite to melt in your mouth and enjoy the dry fruit wrappers and Jaggery Ghee mixture & Repeat