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How to order Pootharekulu online ?

You can order Pootharekulu online through mittai shop's any product or shop page. if you find it difficult to order it online though the website, you can chat with us through Whatsapp(+91 6301077784) or alternatively call us for placing your Pootharekulu order.

How long does it take for an order to arrive?

Orders are dispatched within 3 working days from the time of placing an order. Most orders are delivered within 2 to5 working days from the date of dispatch. Delivery of all orders will be duly done to the shipping address as mentioned by you at the time of placing the order.

How is my Poothrekulu or any sweet order shipped?

Your order will be handpicked from the village once done. It will be carefully packed in an insulated box to maintain your items in good condition.To ensure that your order reaches you in good condition in the shortest span of time, we ship through one of the best courier agencies. We ship throughout the week during normal working hours except Saturday/Sunday/Public holidays (which are excluded to prevent the lag in shipments). Expect some delivery delays in your shipments during festivals.Please note, however, those items may begin to thaw during transit.

How long does it take for an order to arrive?

Orders are dispatched within 3 working days from the time of placing an order. Most orders are delivered within 2 to5 working days from the date of dispatch. Delivery of all orders will be duly done to the shipping address as mentioned by you at the time of placing the order.

How to track my order ?

You can track your order using the below link: https://mittai.pickrr.com alternatively you can check your Whatsapp or mail to check the tracking details we sent.

How to Contact Us ?

you can call us to this number -91 6301077784or mail us to : mittai.write@gmail.com

or alternatively you can chat with us at:


Shipping Related

How much time will it take to deliver my Order?

Generally within 2-5 days depending on your location. We partnered with one of the finest delivery partners, 99% of our order got delivered within 4 days. We have a record of delivering the Pootharekulu in less than 24 hours to Hyderabad and less than 2 days to Chennai.

Can I get the Pootahrekulu sweet delivered on priority ?

Yes we can deliver the pootharekulu sweets on special request for any of your family events on priority to Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Vinzag, Rajamundry and many other tier 1 and tier 2 cities in and around the Telugu States AP and Telangana.(Note: DifferentDelivery charges may be varied)MOQ: 5 kgs

Can I get the Pootharekulu order near my location if our Pincode isn't there?

Yes, if your Pincode isn't available for delivery, you can call us to get it delivered to your nearest Bus stop, or alternatively you can order with an alternate Pincode.

Is the COD(Cash On Delivery) option available?

No, COD option isn't available at the moment.

About Pootharekulu

What are Pootharekulu ?

Pootharekulu also known a Paper-sweet in english is a famous south indian dessert made out of papery like rice sheets wrapped with rich dry fruit wafers, Ghee and Jaggery or Sugar. You can buy the best Pootharekulu here

How to eat a Poothareku ?

Pootharekulu is a great dessert to have it but first time eaters wonder how to eat them due to their papery and plastic wrapper like looks. But they are actually made out of rice sheets stuffed with rich grated dry fruits and Ghee with Sugar/Jaggery. Below are the steps how we can eat them.Take the Poothareku in your hand and bite it directly (Don't open or break the Poothareku in half).Chew the rich dry fruit stuffed piece until it melts in your mouth.Chew - Bite - repeat.If you felt the Pootharekulu sweet great take a piece more and eat, forget about the health issues you get from eating sweets, Pootharekulu is delight-full dessert with awesome health benefits.

What are Pootharekulu called in English ?

Pootahrekulu often spelled as Putharekulu are called 'Paper-Sweets' in English due their papery looks.

How many Pootharekulu will I get in 1Kg sweet?

1-kg of Pootharekulu we deliver will have approximately 20-21 Putharekulu pieces in the box.

What are the different types of Atreyapuram Pootharekulu?

There are different kinds of Pootharekulu made in Atreyapuram. Starting from the best tasting ones here are the list of Pootharekulu.Bellam /Jaggery Dry fruit Pootharekulu(Papersweets)Panchadara / Sugar Dry fruit Pootharekulu(Papersweets)Bellam /Jaggery Kaju Pootharekulu(Papersweets)Panchadara /Sugar Kaju Pootharekulu(Papersweets)Bellam /Jaggery Kaju Badaam Pootharekulu(Papersweets)Sugar Kaju Badaam Pootharekulu(Papersweets)Plain Bellam Nethi(Ghee) Pootharekulu(Papersweets)Plain Sugar Nethi(Ghee) Pootharekulu(Papersweets)For few kids:Horlicks PootahrekuluBoost PootahreukuluFor Adults with DiabetiesSugar less PootharekuluOrganic Jaggery PootharekuluHot PootharekuluAll types of Pootharekulu are Nethi Pootharekulu alternatively called Ghee Pootharekulu.

What type of Poothareku/Paper-sweet has the best taste?

Bellam dry fruit Pootharekulu are the all time best tasted Pootharekulu for many people who tasted it. For those who don't like Jaggery Sugar Dry fruit Pootharekulu are the best ones to order and taste.

What are Putharekulu made of ?

Pootharekulu/Putharekulu are made up of few of the following ingredients:Rekulu(Rice Sheets made out of Jaya Bhiyyam/rice)Sugar(Panchadaara)Jaggery(Bellam)Ghee(Neyyi)(Baadaam)Almonds(Jeedipappu)CashewPista(Pistachio)Based on the type of the Pootharekulu ingredients will be changes but the rice sheets and Ghee are a must.

Which place is famous for Pootharekulu?

Pootharekulu or Paper-sweet are famous across the two Telugu States. But Atreyapuram is the mainly famous for the papery dessert. Also Bhimavaram and Manchili areas are also famous for Pootharekulu sweet. But if you want the best Atreyapuram, a small village located in East Godavari one of the coastal districts of Andhra Pradesh is the go.

Are Pootharekulu good for health?

Of course yes. They are made of rich Almonds, Pista and Cashew which are very good for health.read this blog for full health benifits: https://www.mittai.shop/post/health-benefits-of-atreyapuram-pootharekulu-paper-sweets-dessert

How many days will be the Pootharekulu be fresh ?

20-25 days if not touched with wet hands(can be more if refrigerated). but we are sure you will empty the boxes within a week ๐Ÿ˜€.

What is cost of Pootharekulu?

The price depends on the weight and type of Putahrekulu you buy,Please refer to the shop link below to check the pricing:https://www.mittai.shop

Bulk Orders for functions/B2B

What will be the price of Pootharekulu for Bulk order?

The Price of Pootharekulu for bulk orders will depend on the quantiy of Pootharekulu you order. Please do contact us from the mobile number in the contact info for more details.

Can we order Putharekulu for our wedding or Family functions ?

Yes, absolutely but the order should be placed atleast 5 days before the date of wedding/functions.

How many days will it take for my Bulk order to reach us ?

We will freshly make the Pootharekulu sweet and send it to your nearest location using our priority delivery service. Pootharekulu would be super fresh and ready to serve. The order will reach you atleast one day prior your occasion date.

I am sweet shop owner can I get Pootharekulu at wholesale price ?

Yes, absolutely. We sell the sweets for retial purpose too but please dont expect us to sell it at very low prices less than Rs 20/piece since we dont compromise on our quality. Please contact us for more details.

Did Mittai catered Atreyapuram Pootharekulu for any functions ?

Yes, we catered Pootharekulu more than 5 marriage functions and 3-5 Engagement functions. Every single person who ordered Pootahrekulu from us are super happy.