Top 5 Food Items to Taste When You Visit East Godavari/ Konaseema

Top 5 Food Items to Taste When You Visit East Godavari/ Konaseema

The East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh is rich in culture and heritage and is also well known for its traditional and authentic food delicacies. Some delicacies like Pootharekulu
are only made in one specific location in the state, making it a dish worth tasting. So, if you have plans to visit Konaseema or the East Godavari region of coastal Andhra Pradesh in the near future, we would like to suggest to you the top five food items you must try during your visit.
Kaju Pootharekulu
One of the most famous desserts of the East Godavari district is Pootharekulu, or Paper sweets. It is only prepared in a small village named Atreyapuram. Made with love and lots of skill, this Godavari sweet Pootharekulu is bound to make your bellies happy. The flaky and crisp outer covering is made up of rice paper which is generously filled with ghee, dry fruits, sugar, or jaggery. A bite of Pootharekulu (Paper Sweets) will give you a melt-in-the-mouth experience and a burst of flavors to satiate your taste buds. The sweet is made with quite a few variations, but the most popular ones are the Bellam Dry Fruit Pootharekulu and the Sugar Dry Fruit Pootharekulu.
The dessert is a speciality of the region, and no festivities or celebrations are complete without serving this delicacy to the guests. Pootharekulu may be sweet, but it is loaded with ingredients that have several health benefits. Therefore, a piece of Paper sweet can be enjoyed even by health-conscious people. It is a must-try delicacy when visiting East Godavari or the Konaseema region.
Mamidi Tandra/Mango Jelly
Mamidi Thandra(Mango Jelly)
Mamidi Thandra or Mamidi Tandra is a sweet delicacy made with two basic ingredients – mango pulp and sugar. A pinch of cardamom powder is also added to enhance the flavour. So, it is a great item to try for all mango lovers. Mamidi Tandra in English is nothing but Mango jelly. The mango pulp is mixed with sugar syrup and is allowed to sun dry to obtain a rich, creamy dessert. It usually takes around four weeks to prepare this sweet delight.For those curious to know Mamidi Tandra is popular in which state of India, then let me tell you that this sweet dish is made in many states in India and is known by different names. But Mamidi Tandra is famous in Andhra Pradesh as it is primarily produced in Adavinekkalam village situated in the East Godavari District. The mango jelly made here is handmade and has an authentic traditional taste.
Tati Tandra
Tati Thandra(Palm Jelly)
There are many Tati tandra benefits that people visiting the region are unaware of. Palm fruit jelly is a rich source of fibre and iron. It is beneficial in treating malnutrition by improving digestion in individuals. It also has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that help relieve inflammation of the skin and is also used to treat liver infections. Having a bite of Tati tandra can also relieve nausea and vomiting.
Rajahmundry Rose Milk
Rajamundry Rose milk
Rose milk is a popular refreshing and re-energizing drink in the East Godavari district. However, the most prominent place to enjoy a delicious glass of rose milk is at Rajahmundry. Rajahmundry special rose milk has been sold for over 65 years, and people in the region still relish it. Rose milk recipe is an easy recipe as the drink is primarily made with only milk and rose syrup. Many variations are available of this simple rose milk, for example, Kova Rosemilk, Samiya Rosemilk, etc. Each one has a unique taste, and one must try all the variations as they are all equally delicious. Rajahmundry Rose milk is a yummy drink to have at any time of the day, be it on hot summer days or cool evenings. So, don't forget to have it on your must-try list when visiting Konnaseema.
Godavari Pala Kova
Pala Kova
Pala Kova is a Kova sweet that is commonly known as Doodh Peda in Hindi. This creamy and dense Kova sweet is something we must have all tasted at some point in our life. But what's so special about Pala Kova of Andra Pradesh? The sweet is made with rich, thick, and full-fat milk obtained from milk suppliers in the region. It is then boiled till it thickens into a semi- solid form. Other ingredients are added, like sugar, cardamom powder, and ghee, which are then mixed properly and turned into balls that are flattened slightly from top and bottom to give it its unique shape. The benefits of eating Kova sweet are the same as milk, as milk is the main ingredient of the sweet. It improves the complexion of the skin, provides energy, and helps get rid of depression by improving happiness and the mood of a person. Gangaraju palakova is very
famous in the region, and one can order Gangaraju palakova online as well.
Consuming the delicacies mentioned above will not only satisfy your sweet tooth but will also benefit your health as these traditional food items are made with natural ingredients. The makers of these sweets are usually families living in small villages who work hard to make a living out of the traditional cooking skills that they have learned from their ancestors. So, make sure you try them out on your next visit. For those of you who do not have plans to visit anytime soon, we at mittai shop are here to deliver authentic goodness to you right at your doorstep. So do not wait any longer and order now!
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